Vehicles Shipping Requirements

Vehicles from PR to US
  1. Vehicle Registration
  2. Title of the Vehicle
  3. Copy of driver ‘s license of the owner (if owner is not in PR, you need to call us)
    Documents must be Originals
  4. Certificate in original of no debt from ACAA (Valid for 20 days)
  5. Notarized Sworn Statement – authorizing Pan American Latino Express, Inc. and Crowley PR Services to conduct all necessary transactions for the proper exportation of your vehicle. Must include all car information.
  6. From “Colecturía” a $10 voucher with code 5122 and a $2.00 voucher with code 842.
    You need to buy additional stamps in Colecturía to be used for Obras Públicas:

Buy two $11.00 stamps with code 5120
Buy two  $2.00 stamps with code 842

7. When you go to “Obras Públicas” – Ask for Certificado de No Multas and also for Form 234.  They will need the above stamps.  (Valid for 2 days).
8. Certificate of Inspection from “Departamento de Vehículos Hurtados de la Policía”. (Valid for 5 days).
9. Receipt of Pressure Washing including the motor and beneath the vehicle. (Valid for 2 days).


  • No personal stuff inside of vehicle will be accepted.
  • All vehicles may have at least one-fourth tank fuel or less than ¼ of gas
  • Insurance is optional

Vehicles from US to PR

  • Copy of vehicle’s title
  • Copy of driver’s license of the owner
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